You are invited to participate voluntarily to the READ project by suppling the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) of your products. Furthermore, through the platform, your company can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • promote your products competitive advantages, such as Ecolabel certification or carbon footprint
  • WICs can be used as part of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) business model.
  • the experts on the European chemical legislation of the “READ” team will check the completeness of the Safety Data Sheets you provide and the quality of the content of the WIC.

All of the above services and benefits are provided free of charge.


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Memorandum of Understanding
In addition to the online form above, please print the Memorandum of Understanding and return it to us completed and signed.

I declare my participation in the READ program, under the financial instrument of the European Union, LIFE +, which consists of the Greek Association of Chemical Industries and the National Union of Industrial Paints, varnishes and Inks.

For the purposes of this program, I intend to devote electronically to the project managers, SUSTCHEM ENGINEERING the Safety Data Sheets for the products in the Greek market. The SDS will be stored in an electronic platform accessible by the practitioner profectionals (READ platoform) together with the simplified cards Workplace Instruction Cards (WICs). The remote access of the practitioner profectionals in ths SDS and the WICs should ensure the protection of the health of users and reduce the impact on the environment.

Note of Coordinating Beneficiary
No cost arises from the participation, while SDS will be handled in a confidential manner from the project team, which will inform the discrepancies according to the current EU legislation.