Expected Results

  • Development of a central database with storage capacity of more than 10,000 SDSs and 40.000 WICs of paints, varnishes, construction materials and professional cleaning agents disposed in the Greek market.
  • More than 100.000 professional users (Greeks and immigrants) located in every region of Greece will get free access to multilingual and simplified safety information.
  • Training of professional users through 6 workshops and 9 conferences on the usage of READ Web portal, safe handling of chemicals and appropriate waste management procedures.
  • At least 10% reduction of injuries and accidents at workplaces.
  • Recycling or appropriate disposal of more than 1,000 packages the first year after the implementation of READ project.
  • Promotion of eco-labeled chemical products, in order to increase environmental sustainability by manufacturing products of good quality with reduced environmental impact.
  • Promotion of low-carbon footprint & carbon neutral chemical products and implementation of PAS2050 methodology.