Networking with other projects

Networking with other projects

In its effort to raise the awareness of concerning the safe and responsible use of chemicals, READ project has established networks with other LIFE+ or non-LIFE projects, in order to share methodologies and exchange information, experiences and best practices.

LIFE+ Projects interacting with READ:


The overall goal of the EU funded LIFE+ project PROTEAS is to protect the environment as well as employee and public health from risks posed by dangerous chemicals including fuels and petrochemicals.

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The "3xEnvironment" project - "Three campaigns integrating the SMEs sector and their surroundings in the efforts to protect the environment" has been created especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our primary goal is to support the entrepreneurs in the implementation of some changes making their enterprises proecological. This will be possible due to reducing use of energy, water, paper supplies as well as raw materials. We encourage them to save money, while protecting the environment.

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