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The Hellenic Coatings Association -HCA was invited to participate to the two days event by the Expoint company, specialized in color sectoral exposure at Thessaloniki. The HCA, was given a Kiosk and a floor to present to stakeholder firms the benefits of READ Platform.

The success of the event was manifested by the 1000 visitors, among them painters, contractors, architects, interior designers, builders and craftsmen-builders, who turned up at Grand Palace Hotel.


  • Apostolos_Skarlatos_presentationApostolos_Skarlatos_presentation
  • Gorogias_presentationGorogias_presentation
  • HCA_KioskHCA_Kiosk
  • Presenting_the_programme_to_other_ exhibitors_May-24-2015Presenting_the_programme_to_other_ exhibitors_May-24-2015
  • Voulomenou_presentation_May-24-2015Voulomenou_presentation_May-24-2015
  • presenting&explaining_leaflets presenting&explaining_leaflets
  • view_of_the_kiosk_May-23-2015 view_of_the_kiosk_May-23-2015



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